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3341 East Calla Rd., Springfield Township, OH 
New Middletown Farmers & Sportsmen Club

                                            CHRISTMAS PARTY

The party is Sunday, December 10th from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.  Santa will be there to hand out Christmas gifts THAT YOU BRING.  Bring a wrapped gift with the child's name for every child you bring to the party. As in the past, food and beverage will be provided by the club.  If you like, you may bring cookies, cupcakes or your favotite desert.  This is on a voluntary basis and not necessary to attend the party.

                                                                    Proposed Rule Changes
A committee was formed to review and recommend changes to the club rules and constitution. Their  recommendations for changes to the rules governing quests, family members, hunting tree stands, fishing, hunting, and gun range usage were presented during the November general membership meeting. The recommendations will be discussed during the December general membership meeting, December 11th.   YOUR VOICE, OPINION AND VOTE IS NEEDED.  This is YOUR CLUB!_______________________________________________________________________________________________________
​                                                                                      Work Hours
​How many hour do you have? As of November 3, 2017 Gene Ross has calculated the number of work hours each member has submitted during the course of the year. The box at the bottom right hand corner of your newsletter will have your recorded work hours.
FIRST YEAR MEMBERS must have their hours completed by the end of the anniversary month you joined the club.
                                                                    ANNUAL DUES NOTICE 
Yes, it is almost time to pay your dues.  The annual amount is $121.00 ($25.00 dues, $76.00 for 4 mandatory Ox Roast tickets and $20.00 for 1 mandatory Yankee Lake ticket).  The annual dues must be paid in person or post marked by January 31, 2018 to the club address listed on your newsletter. Remember, if you have not completed your 30 work hours by December 31, 2017, you must pay for the hours NOT completed.  First year members have until their anniversary date to complete the 30 hours.  First year members CANNOT PAY FOR HOUR NOT COMPLETED.


1.  NO ATV's, SNOWMOBILES or DIRT BIKES are permitted on any of the club's property.  If any member sees such activity 
     CALL THE POLICE and report those people as trespassing on club grounds. Please question ANYONE you do not recognize on
     club grounds.  Don't be shy you have the right to ask. .

2.  Smoking is NOT PERMITTED at any time in any of the club's buildings. Including the main clubhouse, Highlandtown house,
     Highlandtown front room, garages and out buildings.

3.  Almost a Senior member?  Notify Bob Dunsey if you are to become a senior member during 2018.  You must be 65 years of age 
     with 10 years as a club member.  Your name will be moved to the Senior Roster.

4.  Watch the club website for dates of the early work days in March, 2018.

5.  Youth must be accompanied by a member of the club AT ALL TIMES while on club grounds.

6.  Pheasants are being released weekly for hunting.  Please keep your dog AWAY FROM THE PHEASANT PEN, and don't shoot
     near the pens causing the birds in the pen undue stress and fly into the fence.

Turkey Shoots are scheduled every Wednesday @ 6:00 p.m.  Public welcomed.
Trap Shoots are every Tuesday and the Meat Shoot is the first Tuesday of the month. 6:00 p.m. Public Welcomed.

Please remember in your prayers member Howard Hann who passed away since the last Newsletter.  
The New Middlwtown Farmers and Sportsmen send our condolences to his family and friends.