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OH 4-H Shooting Sports

3341 East Calla Rd., Springfield Township, OH 
                   Habitat Improvement &  
              Wildlife Management Program

Recently several members attended a symposium on land managed for the benefit of wildlife. The symposium's speakers shared a wealth of knowledge covering soil, food plots for deer, turkey, waterfowl, and pond management.  One fact stood out repeatedly during the symposium - planning ahead and developing a goal.  WE HAVE SUCH A PLAN AND GOAL.

Our plan was developed and put into motion 3years ago.
This is our 4th year and we need membership involvement if we are to achieve the goal we set out to do.  Our goal - to make our land more habitable for all wildlife

Now that turkey season is over, our habitat improvement  program is ramping up before hunting season in September. The program is active from late February through August. We will be removing the invasive autumn olive, some less desirable trees and opening up more areas for native plants to grow.

Please become involved in the Stewardship of our land and get involved.  

Call Josh Cunningham or see Bob Dunsey if you want to become involved in a great program and help give back to our favorite sport.  
Consider joining us and help improve habitat to benefit wildlife. 
                 WE SURE CAN USE YOUR HELP.

Josh Cunningham, Project Coordinator

                        DUCK NESTING BOXES 

New nesting material will has been added to the wood duck boxes for the upcoming breading season.  Lets hope our efforts make a difference.

                                                2016 stats:
14 boxes installed, 14 were used for a 100% usage rate.  Of the 14 duck boxes used, 12 successfully hatched for a 85.7 % hatch rate.  ​The 2016 numbers HAVE INCREASED from 2015 possibly due to better nesting locations.  I have 5 boxes to 
re-install and will replace the nesting material for the 2017 breeding period.  If you are interested in helping I would love the help and company.

Bob Dunsey, Project Coordinator
  2017 ODNR Hunter Education Class

          A hunter education class will be held 
                 September 16 - 17, 2017
The course is open to 35 students but we will never turn anyone away. 
 A hearty breakfast to get the day started and. Lunch will be provided and it's all free.

Also, once completed, the students will be  presented with their Hunter Education Certificate, a wallet size Hunter Ed card, AND a fluorescent orange hunting hat.

Register on line by going to:
Click on the Ohio's Wildlife Licensing System (upper right side) 
Find the Course & Event Registration Box, Hunter Trapper Education, and click Enroll

Education Committee
Anytime you volunteer for any of the following projects, the hours that you work count toward your annual work hour responsibilities.
              Youth Pheasant Hunt
The Club again will sponsor a Youth Pheasant Program on the weekends of October 21-22 and October 28 & 29 (dates may change depending verification from the ODNR).

Remember to lock the main gate when leaving the club grounds.

NEW FOR 2017:  two new targets have been added to the practice range  These 2 target will be for practice 
               WITH BROADHEADS.   
We will begin replacing the styrofoam block targets on the archery walk around course with more stable targets.  If you are handy with hammer and saw, we could use your ideas and help.

Bob Dunsey

        A The autumn CCW class is scheduled for 
                 October 7, 2017  
The class will be held at the clubhouse and begins at 8:00 a.m. sharp. Call for more information and to sign up.
Call: Blueline LTD
330-360-8310 to register

Pete Proch, Instructor
The Trap League Shoots hosted by our club will be held on:              August 28th
Our annual Jack & Jill Dinner will be held August 5th at 5:00 p.m. A Chinese auction and special door prize will be part of this family celebration.
Tickets can be purchased from Bruce DeRhodes or Jim Vivo at the clubhouse.